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Tents and Camping
Camping is one of the best holiday trips that all ages can enjoy together. It offers a change to unwind, relax and enjoy the outdoors, reconnecting with nature and offers time to bond with friends and family. Whether you are a first time camper or a seasoned outdoors expert, having a good tent and the right camping equipment is essential for your outdoor adventure. At Allweathers, we supply an extensive collection of tents, tent additions and camping equipment to make sure you have the best trip ever.
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Camping Accessories

Buy Tents & Camping Equipment at Allweathers UK

Tents are the most important piece of equipment that you will need for camping. After all, tents provide a place to relax, catch up on sleep and socialise with family and friends. That is why at Allweathers, we have a collection of different sized tents to suit your party. In addition, we have specially selected the best tents on the market for durability, easy pitching and comfort to ensure our customers have the best camping experience yet.

The Vango Edoras 400XL AirBeam Tent is a favourite with customers due to its quick and easy inflatable pitching, as well as the spacious pre-bend AirBeam design, promoting modest living. This tent sleeps up to four campers and offers a grand front extension for relaxing outdoors and enjoying the good weather. When it gets cooler, the big windows allow you to sit appreciate the outdoors from inside your tent and enjoy the views. This tent is made from a waterproof and durable fabric.

For generous space and comfort for everyone in your party, we recommend the Vango Illusion 800XL AirBeam Tent (2017). This is part of a popular collection, which has been specially updated for 2017 to make it even better. With king size bedrooms and a built in front awning, this tent is big enough for eight happy campers, with the internal wall able to roll away to create a huge internal space for socialising. The Diamond Clear windows are great for maximising light and visibility, as well as the new Skylight windows being perfect for star gazing at night. The AirBeam construction makes this tent quick and easy to pitch.

The Outwell Concorde 10 AC Tent (2016 Model) is perfect for large family holidays or having fun with a group of friends. This 10 man tent is a huge five room tunnel design that has everything you need to rest and chill out after a long day outdoors. With a large living room, you can spend time with loved ones, as well as enjoy the views from the tinted windows. There are also full insect mesh doors for good air ventilation and a UV protection roof. There is plenty of mesh pockets and organiser pockets to keep everything neat and tidy, with light cable tidies to avoid tripping. With the pre-attached luminous guylines, it has never been easier to pitch such a big, spacious tent for everyone to enjoy.


Awnings and Extensions

Investing in a tent awning or expansion is a great way to create extra living space for a comfortable camping experience. This will allow everyone to relax and rebuild his or her strength after a long day outdoors. At Allweathers, we have a collection of awnings and expansions that are designed specifically for a tent that you already have. Alternatively, we also recommend the Zempire Dome Awning (2016). This will fit securely to any tent with its sturdy frame clip, offering a shaded retreat during the warm weather, as well as protection from the elements with its scooped side design.


Groundsheets and Carpets

Adding a groundsheet to your tent will ensure no water comes through and offers protection from stones, thorns and other uncomfortable objects. At Allweathers, we have a range of groundsheets and footprints that are designed for specific tents. For example, the Vango Illusion 800XL Footprint & Awning Groundsheet (2017) will extend the life of your Vango Illusion tent, as well as offer protection and a waterproof base for all campers. To create a home away from home, we also have a selection of carpets for your tent at Allweathers, which promote comfortable living. The Outwell Alabama 7P Fleece Carpet (2017 Model) is a popular addition to the tent with its warm, cosy and soft fleece material underfoot and it is easy to clean with a heavy PVC backing.


Camping Furniture and Kitchenware

With a range of camping furniture and kitchenware at Allweathers, you can enjoy some home comforts when you are out on your adventures. The Outwell Gourmet Cooker 2 Burner Stove with Lid allows you to make your favourite cup of tea or coffee to warm you up in the morning with a double burner. The windshield protection and the heat control range means you can cook some dinner for the family in the evenings and enjoy hot food when it gets cold outside. The Outwell Dawson Picnic Table & Chair Set also gives you a place to enjoy your meals and rest during the day. This aluminium and bamboo pinic table has attached seats, with the whole construction being compact and easy to fold up and down in seconds.