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Vango Tent Carpet
Sometimes when you are away hiking and travelling, you can miss home comforts and this includes something warm and soft underneath your feet! Vango tent carpets are just what you need to take away with you on your camping trip and it will definitely improve your experience. This is going to fit inside your Vango tent on top of the groundsheet, adding comfort for your sleeping and living room area. In addition, it can also help add insulation and protection to your tent.
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Buy Vango Carpets at Allweathers

At Allweathers, we have a range of Vango carpets that will fit perfectly into your tent. Check them out now! The Vango Rivendale 500XL Carpet (2017) is designed to make your camping experience great. After a long day out on the trails, you can return to your tent and enjoy having a warm and insulating layer under your feet. There is a nice woven nylon top and foam mid-layer for comfort, as well as a PE waterproof, non-slip base. To make setup easy, there is corner branding for positioning the carpet properly. Plus, the Vango carpet comes in a handled carry bag!

To make your tent more like home for your camping trip, we recommend the Vango Edoras 600XL Carpet. This is supplied with a handled carry bag to make travelling and transportation easy and it is perfect for adding warmth and comfort underfoot. It has a nice woven nylon top and a foam mid-layer for insulation. In addition, there is a PE waterproof and non-slip base to keep you protected in wet weather. This Vango carpet is designed to be easy to clean, which means it can be vacuumed or cleaned with a damp cloth after your camping trip.

When you want to go camping in the colder months, the Vango Universal Carpet 260cm x 360cm (2017) will keep you lovely and warm! Not only does this carpet look great in your tent, but it also provides you with much-needed insulation when it is cold and wet. It has a woven nylon top, which is soft underfoot and it is easy to clean if it gets dirty. There is also a foam mid-layer for comfort and a PE waterproof base that is non-slip. What’s more, you will get a handled carry bag so you don’t have to worry about packing it away!

For a home from home, we recommend the Vango Inspire 800XXL Carpet (2017). After a long day of being outdoors, you can return to your tent and enjoy the warmth and comfort provided by this carpet, with a woven nylon top, foam mid-layer and PE waterproof, non-slip base. This will provide the comfort you need for a good night’s sleep and with the corner branding, the carpet is easy to position. You will receive your Vango carpet in a handled carry bag so you can bring it on your next camping trip. Experience the outdoors all year round in comfort with Allweathers and your new Vango tent carpet!