Barbour Interactive Hoods
Barbour is famous for its stylish designs and quality clothing. Now with Allweathers, you can get your hands on a Barbour Interactive Hood to match and attach to your Barbour jacket. Specially designed to attach to Barbour designs, the interactive hoods will provide great protection in all weather conditions; whether it is wind, rain or snow, you can rely on Barbour interactive hoods to keep you warm, dry and comfortable.
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Buy Barbour Interactive Hoods at Allweathers UK

or real protection in all weather conditions, we recommend the Barbour Waxed Cotton Hood. This medium weight hood has an oversized design in one size to fit everyone and also allows a hat to be worn comfortably underneath for extra warmth. It is made of premium wax cotton, which is designed to be weatherproof and has studs to attach to a Barbour interactive coat or jacket. Inside it has an attractive Barbour tartan lining and there is also a brim wire for ultimate visibility. This Barbour Waxed Cotton Hood coordinates perfectly with Barbour Thornproof jackets, such as the Bord, Bedale, Beaufort, Classic Beaufort and Classic Northumbria. To match these jackets, there is a choice of black, navy, olive green and sage colours.

A good choice of interactive hood for wet and windy days spent outdoors is the Barbour Stockman Wax Hood. This is made of durable waxed cotton, which is weather proof and water resistant. It is available in one size for everyone to enjoy and easily attaches to a Barbour Stockman coat. What’s more, when it’s a warm summer, you can easily detach the hood from the jacket. Browse the Barbour range at Allweathers to find the perfect interactive hood to match your jacket. When the weather gets brighter, it can be removed quickly with its stud design. It is lined for comfort and style, as well as having drawstrings to adjust and provide the perfect fit.

At Allweathers, we are committed to bringing the best of Barbour interactive hoods to our customers. With Barbour, you can experience the outdoors in comfort, warmth and style all year round.