Barbour Accessories
What better way to complement your outfit or prepare for the outdoors than with Barbour? As a British Heritage Brand, you know you can rely on the quality and functional designs of Barbour. That is why at Allweathers, we offer our customers the best choice of accessories to prepare for every occasion; from belts and wallets to Barbour wax dressing and boot bags, there is something for everyone at Allweathers.
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  1. Barbour Crest Waterproof Packaway Sports Hat | Navy

    Sizes in stock

    Barbour Crest Waterproof Packaway Sports Hat | Navy
    As low as £32.50 SRP: £37.95
  2. Barbour Crest Waterproof Packaway Sports Hat | Olive

    Sizes in stock

    Barbour Crest Waterproof Packaway Sports Hat | Olive
    As low as £32.50 SRP: £37.95
  3. Barbour Men's Contrast Gun Stockings - Olive | Gold

    Sizes in stock

    Barbour Men's Contrast Gun Stockings - Olive | Gold
    As low as £19.95 SRP: £24.00

Buy Barbour Accessories at Allweathers UK

With the men’s Barbour Tri Webbing Belt, you can add a bit of colour and style to any outfit. This tri-colour belt is in season with its attractive blend of navy, white and red, as well as classic brass buckle; perfect for jeans and casual trousers. The classic stretch webbing and leather trims add to the stylish look with the retaining loop sporting an embossed Barbour logo. This belt is made from 100% cotton with leather on the inside, which makes it soft and easy to wear.

We all need a good wallet to carry around that is easy to access and holds all of our cards and money securely. With the Barbour Standard Leather Wallet – Black, you can enjoy a billfold style wallet made from 100% premium-grade leather for ultimate styling and practicality. It features quality black leather with an embossed Barbour logo so everyone knows the design, as well as Barbour’s cotton Classic Tartan lining on the inside. Not only is this wallet stunning to look at, but it is also very practical with 10 credit card slots and space for notes. When you buy the Barbour Standard Leather Wallet, you receive it in a lovely Barbour box, which looks great if you are giving this away as a gift. There is also a Barbour Standard Leather Wallet available in an appealing classic brown design to suit everybody’s taste.

Barbour jackets and coats are an investment, famous for their wax styling and practicality in all weather conditions. Of course, it is also important to maintain the materials to make sure the jacket lasts a long time. That is why we recommend the Barbour Wax Dressing. This will keep your Barbour jacket weatherproof and as good as new for years to come. This is the same original formula that is used when the fabrics are being made and with your own wax dressing, you can restore your jacket’s condition in no time. With full instructions on the tin, this wax dressing is easy to apply and can be used to re-dress the whole jacket or simply used to strengthen specific areas with the most wear, such as elbows and pockets. Investing in Barbour Wax Dressing is essential and it is the best way to care for your Barbour jackets and coats.

The Barbour Wellington Boot Bag is the perfect accessory you need for outdoor exploring. This boot bag can hold your Barbour wellingtons when they are muddy and dirty, allowing other belongings to stay nice and dry. It is available in an attractive and traditional olive colour and has a waterproof base to protect against leaks, as well as a double zip to make sure nothing else gets dirty. There is even a separate mesh pocket at the rear for holding wet socks. This boot bag has a handle and shoulder strap for easy carrying on its own.

At Allweathers we are committed to supplying our customers with a range of quality Barbour accessories for every occasion. Browse our range now to find the perfect accessory for you.