Anyone with a love for sunshine or the great outdoors knows a good quality hat can be your best friend through all weathers. After all, a well-crafted sun hat can mean the difference between enjoying the cooler autumnal ambience and exposing your skin to the sun's harmful rays without basking in its warmth.

At Outdoor Clothing specialist, practical and stylish can go hand in hand and there are plenty of beautiful, fashionable ways to protect your skin this autumn. A hat can last through rain or shine and be a fashionable accessory for life! As the leaves start turning autumnal, you’ll appreciate the many ways a Tilley hat has been lovingly hand-crafted to meet your every need.

The wind is no longer your enemy

One of the worst things about autumn is the wind. It’s hard to appreciate the softer, golden sunlight and savour the trees’ colourful displays when you’re chasing a hat down the street! Tilley hats are the brainchild of a seasoned traveller, so you’ll find designs like the Tilley Women's TH8 Charlotte Hemp Sun Hat and Tilley T3 Hat from Allweathers from all come with built-in cords for the wind. In gusty conditions, you’ll love that you can tie on your hat at the front or the back and never need to chase it again.

Maximum Ultraviolet protection for your skin

Tilley hats are created using a range of responsibly-sourced materials which have been tested and guaranteed to offer UPF50+, the highest possible protection factor a fabric can provide. With certified protection from 98 per cent of the sun’s UVA/UVB radiation, a downward sloping brim and a timeless linen look, the Tilley Women's TH9 Melanie Hemp Sun Hat is one of our favourites for this season. With it’s floaty, feminine charm, the band can be swapped out for a gossamer silk or a romantic floral ribbon to match whatever you’re wearing.

Keep cool and carry on

Chasing the autumn sun to warmer shores? An air-flow option like our Tilley LTM5 Airflow Hat is designed to keep you cool by letting in air and letting heat out. Don’t let the weather hold you back from your favourite holiday activities – this medium-brim, water-resistant and rain-repellent hat will have you covered no matter the weather. If you want your hands free, the secret compartment will keep your valuables safe. The Tilley LTM5 Airflow hat is crafted using an exclusive, innovative form of lightweight nylon which offers resistance against mildew and water. This makes it ideal for vacation and weekend use, and the subtle khaki shade is a perfect way to complete a practical, quintessential outfit.

All of Allweathers’ Tilley hats come in a variety of sizes so you can be comfortable while looking smart. The popular Tilley T3 hat comes in eleven sizes from 54.5cm to 64.5 cm. It’s machine washable for convenience and will never shrink. A great feature of all Tilley hats, inspired by American sailors, is that they can easily be re-stretched once dried.

The Tilley T3 hat is one of the Allweathers’ classic favourites, thanks to the protection it provides against the glare of snow, sand or water. It’s endlessly versatile and the 2 3/8 inch side brims snap up for a modern yet infinitely practical Outback style.

Made to last

Tilley hats from Allweathers are made for life and are constructed by specialists in up to 30 stages to ensure the highest craftsmanship. A sustainable option created from breathable and resilient hemp is the Tilley Women's TH8 Charlotte Hemp Sun Hat . Not only is it UV-resistant, but it holds its own against mildew, salt water and mould. The Charlotte Hemp Sun Hat is insured against loss, floats in water, and is guaranteed for a lifetime of style and sun protection. An adjustable three-inch brim lets you try out different looks, from a jaunty tip to a summery rolled-up look for warmer days. It’s gorgeous when paired with a breezy dress for a summery look, or with a patterned scarf, trousers and jacket for city slickers!

In the unlikely event that your Tilley hat starts to look a little aged, you can even have it repaired or replaced for absolutely no cost. Durable, comfortable, yet effortlessly stylish through all seasons, a Tilley hat is one of the most reliable and versatile accessories we’ve come across on our travels so far. It’s time to pop to and act!