Outwell products have long been recognised as arguably the market leader in innovative family camping products. Owned by the Danish parent company Oase Outdoors, Outwell products are now sold in more than 45 countries globally, and are classed as one of the industry powerhouses.

The evolution of Outwell is a classic family story, the time-honoured tale of the mantle being passed from Father to Son, within a family utterly enthused with outdoor living, and then passing their enthusiasm on to others via their products.



Mogens Arens founded Oase Outdoors back in 1984. He started his career in the camping sector in Denmark in 1962 with the Isabella caravan brand which he bought out fully in 1972. As a camping enthusiast his aim was to provide customers high-quality products at an affordable price, an element lacking at that point in time when outdoor living products were more niche and quite prohibitively priced to the masses. Arens planned to change all that and retain the high standard of the products whilst reducing prices to a level where they could be accessible to far more people, thereby raising the overall profile of outdoor living and its general popularity in turn.


Keeping it in the family...

Mogen’s son Henrik Arens joined the company in 1993 and brought with him a desire to focus efforts towards more innovative and distinctive products within the Outdoor Living market, which would lead to the creation of the Outwell brand within a couple of years.

Back in the mid-1990’s the volume of exports rose substantially, triggering a key growth period for Oase Outdoors. Throughout the period Henrik Arens became increasingly responsible for the company’s commercial strategy, resulting in his appointment in 2004 as CEO. This generation passing of the baton symbolically mirrored the changing winds at the time within the camping and outdoor living industry. Oase Outdoors would prove versatile enough to adapt to the changes whilst always striving to retain the quality of its core product range.

Continued growth up until 2016 meant that Oase Outdoors was now primed for a partner that could add the weight of additional financial resources and contribute further vital expertise and experience to help the company push on to realise its full potential. That partner was Ratos, a Scandinavian investment specialist who assumed an approximate 80% holding with Henrik Arens who remained in his role as CEO/Managing Director and retained just over 20% of the business with key management personnel also.

Product development has always been at the very heart of the company. Over the years, there have been a sizeable amount of practical and creative inventions that have helped to solve numerous classic camping conundrums! Some of these include the Outwell Easy Pegging System, Wind Stabilizer System, Floating Guyline System, Tinted windows, Luminous guylines

Tent carpets, Rain safe doors, Extended Frame System and innovative Dry Zip System, to name just some!


How Outwell Emerged...

The Outwell story starts back in 1995 when Henrik Arens identified a gap in the market and the potentially massive potential in the production of high-quality family tents and family camping equipment but crucially at affordable prices to the masses.

Outwell focused efforts initially on just a limited collection of innovative but dependable tents and a compact range of accessories to cover campers’ requirements as they practised outdoor living on campsites all across Europe. The concept was well-targeted and hit the mark straight away - The concept of a ‘One-Stop Shop’ for literally everything required for family camping appealed hugely to both consumers and retailers.

Innovation and product quality have always been classed as Outwell’s key touchstones. All products are rigorously tested using latest-technology rain and wind testing equipment. Their tent collection consists of over 60 different tents and the range of accessories now includes about 600 associated camping products.

From these strong foundations Outwell has gone from strength to strength. As the premier family camping brand Outwell is now sold in more than 45 countries across the globe and looks set to continue to produce more in its series of creative yet super-practical Outdoor Living products. Sadly Oast Outdoors founder Mogen Arens passed away in 2014 but his legacy is secure; Outwell will continue to fly the camping flag that he so presciently began to fly more than three decades ago.

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