If you’re planning a camping trip with the family this summer, it’s important to plan what to take well in advance - packing for a holiday is difficult enough as it is, but there’s more to packing for a camping trip than just how many pairs of shoes to take. As you’ll be staying outdoors with limited facilities, you can’t leave anything behind.

From sleeping equipment to the tent you’ll stay in and all the extras you’ll need to create a home away from home on your camping holiday, we’ve come up with a complete camping checklist to help your upcoming camping trip go off without a hitch.



Your tent is probably the most important part of your camping itinerary, giving you a place to shelter, sleep and socialise on your camping holiday. No matter how big or small of a tent you need for your trip, we’ll have one to suit you at Allweathers.

The Outwell Montana 5P Tent is great for family holidays, offering two bedrooms and a separate living room with an extra entrance area to keep muddy shoes dry and out of your main living area.



When it comes to pitching your tent, a mallet is an essential item to help you pitch your tent safely and securely. To avoid bending tent pegs by standing on them to ground them, a mallet will allow you to pitch your tent quickly, easily and hassle free - making a mallet the ideal camping companion.


Spare Pegs, Spare Cord and Poles

To guarantee peace of mind, pack spare tent accessories in case some get lost or broken on your camping trip. Pegs can easily get bent and cords can often get tripped over or snapped, so it’s essential to pack a few spares just in case. Duct tape is also paramount to avoid any unwanted leaks or rips in your tent ruining your camping trip.



If the campsite you’re staying as isn’t well lit or you’re planning on staying up a long time after dark, it’s essential to have a lantern to keep your camping area well lit when the sun goes down. To help you find your way to the campsite toilet or just light up your communal area, make sure you don’t forget to pack a lantern (and extra batteries) on your camping trip.


Sleeping Checklist

Packing all the right sleeping equipment is massively important for a successful camping trip, after all, no holiday is a success without a good night’s sleep. To ensure you make the most of every hour of slumber, here’s our ultimate sleeping checklist.


Sleeping Bag

To get a good night’s sleep, make sure you get a sleeping bag that is insulated and comfortable to avoid getting cold during the night. The Outwell Constellation Lux Double Sleeping Bag is ideal for couple’s planning on a camping trip this summer or friends looking to save space, thanks to the handy zip in the centre which converts the double into two singles, it’s ideal for everyone.


Sleeping Mat

Although a sleeping mat may not seem an essential to pack, the comfort and insulation they provide means a sleeping mat has earned its place on the camping checklist. The Vango Trek Sleeping Mat is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around - ideal for anyone looking to pack light on their camping trip while getting the best night’s sleep possible.



Pillow - Although most sleeping bags have a built in pillow, pack an extra if you’re used to having a lot of pillows at home.

Camp bed - If you’re not limited by packing space, take a camp bed to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep off the ground to avoid aches and pain in the morning.

Ear Plugs - Some campsites can be noisy; if you’re not a night owl, pack a few pairs of earplugs to ensure you can get an early night when you want.

Warm Clothes - Even during summer, it can get cold at night in Britain. Make sure to pack a few extra warm clothes to layer up at night to ensure you don’t get kept awake by a chill.


Camp Kitchen Checklist

Whether you’re planning on indulging in some pub grub on your camping trip or you’re working to a budget of stove cooked beans and Pot Noodles, it’s important to add cooking equipment to your camping checklist.



Packing a reliable stove is essential for camping success; whether it’s brewing up a cup of tea or cooking up eggs in the morning, a stove is guaranteed to make your camping trip a lot more fun, giving you functional home comforts even in the middle of a field. The Outwell Gourmet Cooker 2 Burner Stove is ideal for a small group going camping, providing two lightweight gas burners that can cook everything you need to keep the group happy on a trip outdoors.

Don’t forget to pack extra gas so nobody goes without warm food or a cup of tea on your trip!


Water Container

Most campsites have running water on site, so take a water carrier on your camping trip to avoid shelling out on bottled water. By packing a water carrier, you’ll have all the water you need on site for drinking, cooking and washing, without having to walk to the communal tap.