Camping with the family is loads of fun, but packing for a trip...less so. Here at Allweathers, we’ve got not only the best Outwell tents for families of all sizes, but we’re also full of helpful tips and tricks to make the packing as stress-free as possible. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have the best possible gear in the first place, and camping technology has come a long, long way.

How can you make your next trip into the great outdoors much less stressful? A little planning goes a long way, give yourself time, and pack smart. Let’s take a look!

Planning For Your Camping Trip...

Whether you’ve plumped for a nifty 5 Person Outwell tent or one of the more spacious Outwell 7 Person tents, planning in advance will save you more time than you’d imagine. Making a checklist of what you’ll need is one thing, but it doesn’t hurt to start this early. That is, start with the basics like camp beds and roof protectors, then leave your list somewhere while you go about your life for a few days—or even a week. As you think of things, add them to the list, then have a little check before you go and whittle it down if necessary.

This means that you won’t be throwing in all your tent additions in a last minute panic, nor will you forget something as vital as your sleeping bag or groundsheet!

Give Yourself Time To Get Ready...

Imagine you could stroll out to the car and simply drive off for your trip without having to pack. Or even better, that little elves came and did it all for you while you slept. Well, that may not be possible yet, but there are ways to break up the packing so that you don’t leave everything until the last minute.

A good tip is to take the things you’ll need out on one day, and put them in the boot on the next. This lets you skip the last minute rushing between your storage space and your car on the big morning, or scrambling up ladders to get those awnings and tent extensions. If that’s not your cup of tea, you could pack your Allweathers tents and camping furniture into boxes on Day One, then pop the boxes in on Day Two.

Whatever works for you, just give yourself some time! Hint: you’ll also find that using boxes can save you space when you load the car because everything is nice and neat.

Think About Your Bags...

If you’ve ever watched luggage being whisked around Heathrow, you might have gone out and bought yourself a hard suitcase. That’s well and good in one respect, but there are more space-saving ways to pack when you’re camping. Carpets, clothes, and other soft items like sleeping mats will pack much better in equally soft bags. Then when it comes to squashing things in, life is much simpler.

Think Ahead To The Campsite...

Do yourself a favour and take a second to imagine you’re at your campsite. What’s the first thing you’ll unpack? Probably your tent, followed by any pumps or guylines that you need to pitch it.

If you load these into the car last, you won’t need to dig among other bits and bobs to get them. In wet weather, this is a particularly life-saving tactic. Plus, this way you can leave the camping chairs in the car till the sun comes out

Don’t Forget Lunch!...

If you’re hoping for a bite to eat along the way, or a picnic while enjoying the view, it helps to have your Outwell cool bag where it’s easily reachable. Sandwiches and snacks might not be the first thing on your mind when you set out in the morning, but come midday you’ll probably want something in your tummy. Or at least, the kids probably will.

If you can, you might want to leave this in the car itself, along with a lovely picnic blanket. As you drive, you can easily stop and catch a picturesque lunch as soon as something catches your eye. You never know what’s around the corner, and sometimes the best views are just by the wayside.

Gone are the days when ‘being prepared’ meant trying to squash everything into one backpack or car boot! Today’s Outwell tents are designed to encompass what customers find most valuable, and that includes easy packing and simple setup. It also means that packing for a trip doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort for two or three long weeks because that 6 Person Tent wouldn’t fit in the boot. Or leaving one of the kids behind!

Thank goodness for that, and we hope you have a brilliant family camping experience.