We Brits certainly try come up with nice things to say about winter. ‘It’s a nice change,’...’At least it’s not sweaty!’....’OK I can’t feel my toes but isn’t it scenic?’ etc... But when the sun comes out, you’ll be hard-pressed to find us sitting around the house staring out the window. At Allweathers, we’re as excited as can be for everything about the coming Spring, all those lovely daffodils, warm early sunshine, lighter nights and warm breezes. Not to mention enjoying them all at once whilst out camping!

This year, we’re just as excited to introduce the Montana 6P Tent—for ever so many reasons. If you are heading into the great outdoors to revel in the sunshine, this tent is one of the latest from Outwell, a respected brand with over 20 years in the industry. Both seasoned professionals and families alike have been enjoying the innovative features and intuitive design of Outwell tents. As the most cutting-edge design so far, the Montana 6P might just have the answer to all your camping needs this year.

Here are the design features we can’t get enough of at Allweathers!

Royal Master Bedrooms

Previous editions of the Montana 6P Tent have been comfortable, spacious, and hard to find fault with—we thought we’d seen the best in six-person camping for a good while. But the newest model of the 2018/2019 Montana 6P Tent has gone above and beyond our expectations by introducing Royal Master Bedrooms with extra space and headroom. And when you’re trying to get yourself dressed for a day in the sun, or if you’re changing into your swimsuit, a little extra headroom goes a long way!

The Royal Master Bedrooms also include wide views of the scenery around you, so you can enjoy the stars in the sky at night. We especially like the zip-up curtains to allow for a great night's sleep and the privacy that these tinted windows afford. Camping’s great, but being woken up at the crack of dawn is better when it’s optional.

As a lovely extra touch, these Royal Master Bedrooms feature relaxing charcoal grey interiors and a red bottom stripe.

Polyester Oxford Roof

In the camping industry, this quite simply means added durability. If you are after a reliable, long-lasting tent, this new feature is significant. When you are taking a longer trip away, it’s more likely that the weather could change—this is when heavier, thicker materials come in exceptionally handy. Heavy-duty and strong, these are coated on the outside to be thermo-reflective, allowing you to sleep in peace without overheating in the morning.

Montana 6P Additional Features

Wherever you’re headed, one of the best things about the Montana 6P is that it has an extensive panorama front that lets in as much light as you care to bask in. For natural light and a little bit more warmth, you can open up this tent for an even more spacious feel. While it already has a living room, two bedrooms, side porch entrance and full mesh doors, these add a little extra something for a sunny, natural feel.

We also chose this tent as one of our favourites because we appreciate the flexibility of being able to set things up easily. Because the design is conveniently tunnel-shaped, it is easier to pitch using the pre-angled steel poles. If you haven’t camped for a while, tents have come a long way. Some of us may still be healing from the tiring experience of hoisting tent poles while shouting instructions to balance, lift, or pass certain things—the Montana 6P, in contrast, requires very little effort to set up. So that you can get on with enjoying the scenery or whatever lovely plans you have for your trip!

All The Basics

As with all excellent tents, the Montana 6P also includes a range of what we consider “camping mod cons”. To use electricity, there are convenient access points that allow for cable entry without having to lift up anything or get creative. If you are charging your phone, you’ll find the organiser pockets very handy, and they are also a brilliant place to keep your items safe and off the floor. If you are worried about the weather, you can relax knowing that the Montana 6P has fully seam-sealed fly sheets to keep out the wind and dust. If you’re wanting to keep your tent spotless, the bathtub groundsheet lifts out nicely so you can wash and clean this outside.

Here at Allweathers, we’re already looking forward to spending time out of doors. Especially in the sun, because nothing says it better than Shakespeare’s “What freezings have I felt”. If you’re ready to head out with the family, we couldn’t recommend a better product than the Montana 6P Tent for space, comfort, and innovative design. Easy to pitch, durable, and with amazing natural views of the outside, we’re looking forward to getting out there! So where are you headed?