At Allweathers, we are pleased to announce the newest brand to our store; Eastpak! This is a much-loved American brand that everyone knows for their great designs and reliable bags, backpacks and travel gear.

Eastpak was actually founded back in 1952 under the name of Eastern Canvas Products USA, specialising in bags for the US military. But, since their bags were so great, college kids in the 1970s were using them for school and before they knew it, Eastpak was born and became an iconic brand. In 1985, Eastpak was the first to create canvas bags with vibrant and bright colours, as well as eye-catching prints. They were also the first to add wheels to soft luggage in 1999.

What we love about Eastpak is they it is a brand that loves to explore and promote ‘hands-free’ living. This means that their bags are perfect for travelling, camping and going on hiking adventures!

So, let’s have a look at some of the great backpack and luggage options from Eastpak!



Everyone needs a backpack to chuck in all of their stuff and get from one place to another. The Eastpak Padded Pak’r Black Denim Backpack is definitely the bag you need! This cool backpack design is inspired by the bags college kids used back in 1976, with a zip-down front panel and the main compartment for all your belongings. There is also a front pocket, which is handy for important items and it is easy to access in a hurry. The straps and back of the bag are all padded so you can go on long journeys and still feel comfortable. Of course, there is also the famous Eastpak logo on the front! If you like this Black Denim, then you will love the Sunday Grey too. If you are carrying a laptop with you and need a padded sleeve for travelling, then check out the Eastpak Out of Office Double Denim Backpack.

For a bag that will fit all of your essentials, you need for travelling, check out the Eastpak Provider Double Denim Backpack! This is a stylish back that boasts the Eastpak logo in the centre and has all the space you need for your belongings. In the main compartment, there is a lot of room and an integrated padded sleeve for your laptop. There is an organiser in the front pocket for small items too. There are compression straps that will hold everything in place so when you get to your destination, everything is how you left it. The handle at the top of the backpack is rubber for durability and all of the straps and back of the bag are padded to make sure you are comfortable. This great Eastpak backpack is also available in an attractive Black Denim.


Travel Luggage

If you are searching for a bag that is the perfect size for fitting all of your belongings and taking on planes, then don’t look any further than the Eastpak Trans4 S Double Denim Backpack. This is exactly what you need since it is a convenient cabin size trolley suitcase, meaning it can fit in your overhead compartment with ease. It comes with a telescopic handle and 360-degree wheeling system that makes walking around the airport and to your plane a breeze, especially when you have lots of heavy things in your bag. There are two internal zipped compartments for organising all of your things and with straps that keep everything in place when you are moving around. To have important items on hand when you need them, there is a concealed zipped front pocket for easy access. What’s more, this suitcase comes with a TSA approved lock so you keep everything safe and secure on your travels! While we love the Double Denim design and Eastpak logo on the front, this Eastpak suitcase is also available in a Sunday Grey and Black Denim style.

Another great option for travelling when you are going on holiday is the Eastpak Tranverz S Black Denim Backpack. This is a 42-litre suitcase that will make sure you can take all of your favourite clothes and belongings with you on your adventure, with two internal zipped compartments with straps to make sure everything stays organised. In addition, the telescopic handle and wheeling system mean you can transport your luggage around with no problems, as well as having a strong top handle. With a TSA approved lock, you won’t have to worry about security going through airports.  The Black denim will make sure your suitcase is instantly recognisable and there is an Eastpak logo on the front too. In addition to the Black Denim design, there is also the Double Denim and Sunday Grey.