Are you looking for a reliable tent for your next camping trip? We all need a comfortable shelter after a long day outdoors where you can rest up and enjoy quality time with family and friends. Yet, with so many available, how can you possible choose what tent to go for?

Well, we’ve chosen the top 10 tents that are sure to be a hit for 2018; check them out!

Outwell Alabama 7P Tent (2017 Model)

When you are going camping with your family, you have got to have a tent that is big enough to fit everyone. After all, it is a family vacation! The Outwell Alabama 7P Tent (2017 Model) is perfect for the whole family, since it is able to sleep seven people in three bedrooms. In particular, the Royal Master Bedrooms offer lots of space and the living area means you can have a comfortable place to play games and socialise in the evening.


Outwell Montana 6P Tent (2017 Model)

No camping trip is complete without a comfortable base for sleeping and resting. One of our best-selling tents is the Outwell Montana 6P Tent (2017 Model). The Royal Master bedrooms sleep up to six people and the night sky ceilings ensure a good rest. The large panorama front lets in plenty of natural light and there are curtains on the windows to make sure you can still enjoy some privacy. This is the perfect place to regain your energy for the hike the next day!


Outwell Flagstaff 5A Tent (2016 Model)

One tent that keeps making the top ten is the Outwell Flagstaff 5A Tent (2016 Model). This attractive green tunnel tent boasts three rooms, with two bedrooms for a comfortable rest and a large living room for socialising and having fun with family and friends. There are also two large windows that have curtains, as well as a large front canopy where you can enjoy some sunshine and warm weather.


Outwell Concorde 10AC Tent (2016 Model)

When you are going on a big trip with your family and friends, you want somewhere you can retreat after a day outdoors. The Outwell Concorde 10AC Tent (2016 Model) boasts a massive five rooms that can sleep up to ten people. There is plenty of headroom and with the tinted windows and curtains, you are guaranteed to enjoy a good night’s sleep. In addition, there are full insect mesh doors so you can enjoy some fresh air indoors, as well a roof with UV protection.


Outwell Roswell 5A Tent (2017 Model)

Are you heading on a special family holiday? Then you definitely need the Outwell Roswell 5A Tent (2017 Model)! There are two bedrooms that can sleep up to five people and the living room offers enough space to eat and enjoy each other’s company. In addition, the front is sheltered by a canopy, which is good for the summer time. But, it can also be zipped off when the weather isn’t good. How versatile!


Outwell Corvette 7AC Tent (2017 Model)

The 2016 version of the Outwell Corvette 7AC Tent was so popular that it was updated for 2017 and will no doubt still be a favourite with campers in 2018. This is a great tent that offers three zones; a wet room, dry room and Master Bedrooms for ultimate camp living. It can sleep up to seven people and is easy to inflate with a two-way pump that is provided. The large windows are tinted to avoid sun glare and the groundsheet detaches for easy cleaning.


Outwell Vermont XLP Tent (2017 Model)

One of our favourites at Allweathers has got to be the Outwell Vermont XLP Tent (2017 Model) since it offers enough room for seven people to have fun on their camping trip, but still get a good night’s sleep. It has a tunnel design with Royal Master bedrooms and Night Sky Ceilings, as well as having a sewn-in groundsheet and flysheet doors with mesh lining. There is even a walk-in wardrobe with a clothes rail! The large tinted panorama windows also offer great views of your surroundings, but still have an element of privacy.


Outdoor Revolution Movelite T2 Lowline Drive-Away Awning (2017 Model)

If you are searching for a compact and easy to inflate tent for road trips, don’t look any further than the Outdoor Revolution Movelite T2 Lowline Drive-Away Awning (2017 Model). This provides you with a comfortable base that can fit camper vans and low van conversions, boasting a lightweight and durable flysheet that reflects heat to keep a nice temperature. Of course, the real advantage of this awning is that it is one of the easiest and quickest to inflate on the market; all you have to use is a dual-action pump.


Outwell Montana 5P Tent (2017 Model)

The Outwell Montana 5P Tent (2017 Model) boasts the same great features of the iconic Montana 6P, but it is suited for housing five people on your camping trip. There are large Royal Master bedrooms so everyone has plenty of space, as well as having pre-angled steel poles. There is a side porch for making the most of the good weather, with an Outwell doormat included so you can leave your dirty shoes at the door. There are full mesh doors for maximum air flow and protection from bugs, as well as tinted panorama windows so you can still enjoy the camping experience.


Robens Mohawk Tent (2017 Model)

For a large tipi style tent, check out the Robens Mohawk Tent (2017 Model). This is a popular choice for camping since it mixes the classic tipi design, with modern features. You can sleep up to 10 people in this tent and there is a zip that runs from the door to the centre for a groundsheet so you can fold it back for using a stove. You can also use it to create a wet area after a long day hiking! There is plenty of room in this tent and it is durable and strong thanks to the alloy poles.