If you find yourself rifling through your bag on a daily basis, unable to find your wallet, keys or phone, it might be time to invest in a new bag. Whether you take the train, head to work in the comfort of your car or even brave taking your bike to the office, there’s a bag tailored to your needs. No matter if you pack a little or a lot into your work bag, organisation is key to helping your day go off without a hitch. At Allweathers, we have a huge range of bags available to suit you; from holdalls to rucksacks, briefcases to laptop bags, you’ll find a stylish, elegant and usable bag to suit your needs! Here’s some of the best bags we have to suit every type of commuter...


If you find yourself taking loads to work; whether that be lunch, a laptop or maybe loads of paperwork, a big bag is key to keeping yourself organised. The Barbour Leather Medium Travel Explorer Bag is perfect for anyone who has to carry loads of things to work on a daily basis. The aged leather outer is paired with a classic Barbour tartan inner for added timeless style, making this explorer bag as fashionable as it is functional. It comes with an inner security pocket for you to keep all your valuables, so you’ll never have to rummage to the bottom of your bag for your phone, keys or wallet. As well as organisation, this bag also offers comfort. It comes with two robust handles and a long strap for versatile carrying, ideal for anyone who has to walk long distances. Not only is this bag great for the daily commute to work, it’s also ideal for using as luggage on holiday, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth! This bag is perfect for anyone who has to carry a lot on a daily basis, ideal for gym kits, laptops and anything else you could need to carry.


If you’re a light traveller, only needing to carry a few essentials, the Barbour Leather Tarras in Dark Brown is the ultimate choice. This stylish Barbour bag has a durable and sophisticated leather outer, teamed with a classic tartan inner for endless style appeal. But this bag doesn’t just look great, it’s also fantastically functional, fully equipped with loads of pockets, an adjustable strap to carry and a sturdy double strap fastening for added security in the front pockets. This stylish Barbour bag is also available in navy, adding a stylish look to this classic bag. This Tarras bag is the perfect everyday essential for endless style on your daily commute, ideal for anyone who’s looking for an organised yet stylish holdall.


Many of us have to dress smartly for work, so why not invest in an equally smart bag for your daily commute? The Barbour Leather Briefcase in Chocolate is the ultimate bag for formal style, made of rustic leather and finished with antique style brass fixings for an unbeatable sophisticated look. This leather briefcase is ideal for carrying a laptop or files, with an additional carry strap for usability and style. The classic leather outer is teamed with a lightweight cotton in signature Barbour tartan for added style, with loads of pocket space to organise everything you need on a daily basis. Although this briefcase may look small, it will effortlessly fit everything you need to take to work, with enough pockets to keep everything in its place.


For dressed down style, the Barbour Medium Thornproof Tarras Bag in Olive is made from a sturdy waxed cotton, making it as functional as it is stylish. This Tarras bag is lined with classic Barbour tartan, adding a fashionable flair to this simple design. Inside, there’s a handy phone pocket to keep your valuables safe, with an adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable carrying and antique brass buckles for a rustic finish. This bag is perfect for anyone seeking a bag that’s ideal for using in and out of work, perfect for weekdays and weekends alike!


If you cycle to work, getting a secure and comfortable bag is paramount. The North Face Borealis Classic Daysack is ideal for anyone on the move, fully equipped with an internal laptop pouch, stashable hip belt and loads of other essential features for those with a life on the go. This bag as a massive 29-litre capacity, with several compartments including side pockets for water bottles - ideal for those with a tiring commute. This bag also has injection moulded shoulder straps, making them effortlessly comfortable even when carrying the heaviest loads.