Bring on the rain! Contemporary, waterproof breathable jackets in bright cheerful colours!

In spite of all our complaining about it, we Brits do love getting outdoors and enjoying the weather. Sundays are the best time to get out and about in the countryside with family and friends, or just hit the trails with the dog. At Allweathers, we don’t see why the rain or wind should keep us indoors, and you shouldn’t either with our new, stylish and cosy Barbour Weather Comfort Collection .

We never know what to expect in terms of UK weather – one morning it’s raining, and by the afternoon we can be lugging our heavy coats around uncomfortably in the sunshine. Barbour’s Weather Comfort Collection offers so much in the way of versatility and innovative design that we can’t help falling for. Cheerful colours, lightweight design, freedom to move...bring on the rain, we say!

Winter doesn’t need to be gloomy

We get enough greyness, wind, and drizzle during the colder months. The first bite of autumn can make it tempting enough reason to cuddle up before the fire, but there’s no reason to miss out on gorgeous winter walks and snowdrops when you’re wrapped up! The Barbour Women's Altair Jacket in Lunar Yellow and Navy will keep your spirits and warmth up with 100% durable polyester lining and light insulation. With a detachable hood, drawstring waist, and stud side fastening, it’s infinitely versatile, stylable, and available in sizes 8 to 18. A little colour can add a lot of life to a grey day, and the exclusive weatherproof BarbourTech will make sure you look amazing both on the town and out in the hills.

When you have a jacket that adapts to suit you!

At Allweathers, we’re also in love with the Tartan Red Barbour Women's Altair Jacket for its rosy appeal. It’s ideal for cuddling up and keeping all your essentials safe in the internal pocket. With two slip style hand pockets, your fingers won’t get frosty when you’re headed outside on a nippy day!

We find the front and back yoke add charm, and are a surefire way to turn heads. With a drawstring waist, curved back hem, and mid-length design, it’s one of the best ways to stay cosy without completely hiding your outfit.

Freedom to breathe, freedom to move

Ever looked out the window and decided that only the thickest jacket would suffice? We have too...only to find ourselves weighed down with it over one arm for the rest of the day. With our British weather, it’s inevitable! The Sea Blue Barbour Women's Lunan Waterproof Jacket offers a water- and rain-proof solution in a stunning Sea Blue. Not only is it lightweight and hooded, but it’s inspired by Barbour’s nautical heritage. Perfect for wintry beach strolls!

With two patch pockets and an internally adjustable drawstring waist, you won’t feel restricted by heavy fabric or limited arm movement. The lightweight, figure-flattering Barbour-branded polyester Lunan jacket is lined with a charming beacon print cotton interior for extra snuggle factor. When the wind picks up, you’ll be toasty and cosy inside!

Top-quality British design

Because who knows British weather better than Barbour? You’ll be smitten by the Barbour Women's Lunan Waterproof Jacket in Seaglass, which is ideal for coastal walks, cliff-top views, and the fresh Winter sea air. Like the Sea Blue Barbour Women's Lunan Waterproof Jacket, Barbour’s dreamy marine-inspired Lunan Waterproof jacket in seaglass is a fresh way to add some colour to this winter.

Barbour has been synonymous with British style, heritage, and the great outdoors since 1894. There’s nothing more iconic than a well-designed Barbour jacket for UK winters. Although the brand has branched out from their roots selling waxed jackets for sailors, the Barbour Women’s Lunan Waterproof Jacket in Seaglass is a beautiful reminiscence on their classic maritime background. It’s lightweight, durable, yet breathable design is bound to get you lots of compliments!

At Allweathers, we specialise in Barbour women’s products for your next outdoor adventure. The Barbour Weather Comfort Collection has everything you’ll need this winter, come rain or shine. We’re utterly charmed by the innovative designs that adapt to suit every cold weather need. Even if you’re just out walking the dog, we’re sure you’ll love this collection too!