Ready to get outside and breathe in the summer air? Camping is a favourite British pastime during the warmer months, as well as a fun way to spend the nights at music festivals. And, there's no reason at all not to camp in style with our Robens Tents—why sacrifice comfort for style, or vice versa? This year’s latest Robens tent models offer the most innovative features and materials for your camping adventure, regardless of whether you’re out as a large group or going it solo!

Which Kind of Tent Do I Need?

Choosing the right tent for your vacation used to involve trade-offs, between portability and features, or between features and price. Over time, however, camping technology has come a long way. With innovative offers like quick inflation and flexible living spaces, it’s possible to have your cake and eat it too while you’re in the great outdoors. 

We are also seeing larger tipis making a comeback, complete with advanced design elements and ergonomic upgrades that make camping breezy, stress-free, and as comfortable as can be. These larger models also now come with ‘camping mod cons’ such as zip-in groundsheets, high-tech ventilation features, and windows designed for natural light. Coupled with your own choice of tent additions and add-ons, it’s now easy to pick out your own ideal 4-person Robens tent, 8-person tent like theRobens Aero Yurt, all the way up to 12-person tents that will fit the whole neighbourhood!

Top Robens Tents for Summer 2019

The Robens Aero Yurt is one of our favourite single-room tents, quick to inflate and set up for less hassle once you reach your campsite. Single-valve inflation functionality and an included hand-pump make this a convenient choice for large families or when you are moving more than once between sites. With rain-safe vents and a sewn-in, 210T, 100% Oxford polyester groundsheet, the Robens Aero Yurt is built for both rain and shine. If you are hoping to enjoy the view while you camp, we couldn't recommend this tent's large windows more highly—it's why you left the house, after all! 

A great 4-person tent option is the Robens Fairbanks tent, which comes in a compact, aesthetically appealing tipi style to save space and offer stability. This tent's protective eaves stretch forward at the front to offer all the space of a porch; a single two-way zippable door offers easy access during the day and privacy through the night. Simple to pitch with a single, slightly-tilted alloy pole, this is an economical yet feature-packed tipi tent with all the functionality you could ask for on a long summer holiday. Perhaps best of all, the Robens Fairbank tent weighs only 9.1 kg, so works beautifully if you are taking the show on the road.  

Another of our favourites, the Robens Kiowa, boasts room for 10 people to sleep comfortably. Whether you’re in the countryside or at a music festival, the Robens Kiowa is a stable yet versatile choice with enhanced ventilation and large windows for natural light. HydroTex Polycotton, 65% cotton / 35% polyester flysheets mean this tent allows breathability, and an adjustable vent top enables the air to circulate in hotter weathers. If you are looking for a smaller tent, the Robens Kiowa is also available in a smaller 6-person model. 

The Robens Trapper Twin is another favourite 4-person tent with ample space and two bedrooms for privacy. Bring the whole family along in this tent, which boasts flexible living space and two A-frames that allow stability through all weathers. A mesh door in this Hydrox polycotton tent protects occupants from insects while allowing air to flow in and out in warmer weather—perfect for hot summer days. This Trapper Twin comes highly recommended even if rain is a concern; due to its large front porch and eaves, the front door is protected from water run-off. 

If you’re looking for the ideal Robens Tent this summer, Allweathers has got everything you need for all group sizes. From a family holiday by the sea to a countryside adventure with friends, a tipi design to a roomy multi-room funnel tent, our online collection of Robens camping tents offer all the accessories and models you’re after in one convenient spot.